Adventure World Park: North Richland Hills, TX

Inclusive Adventure Playground with Nature-Inspired Fun for All Ages.

Adventure World Park playground is a nature-inspired play haven where kids of all abilities can embark on exciting journeys amidst the beauty of the outdoors. This exceptional playground boasts a PlayBooster® play structure that mimics the wonders of nature, complete with a variety of natural-looking climbers, slides, and activity panels.

But the magic of play doesn’t stop there. The playground also offers a Kids Only Clubhouse, a place where imaginations can run wild amidst the natural surroundings. Here, children can create their adventures and stories, fostering creativity and exploration.

In addition to the immersive play structure and the Kids Only Clubhouse, Adventure World Park playground presents an array of freestanding play components designed for Nature-Inspired play. AdventureScapes®, the Cozy Dome®, Acorn Seats, and the FlyWheel™ spinner provide endless opportunities for fun and exploration.

What makes this playground truly exceptional is its inclusive design. Adventure World is open to kids of all ages and abilities, ensuring that every child can join in the joy of play. Whether it’s climbing, sliding, spinning, or creating stories in the Kids Only Clubhouse, Adventure World All Abilities Playground promises an adventure that will captivate both kids and parents alike.

Discover the endless possibilities for play, imagination, and exploration at Adventure World Park playground, where Nature-Inspired play takes center stage, creating unforgettable moments for children of all ages and abilities.

Installation Date:

June 1, 2015


7451 Starnes Rd, North Richland Hills, TX 76182


Brown and Tan

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