Meridian Amenity Center: San Antonio, TX

Meridian Amenity Center: Your Community Hub for Fun!

The Meridian Amenity Center is a fantastic community hub with lots of cool stuff for everyone! It’s got a big Super NetPlex to play on, 2-Arch Weevos for a fun challenge, a climbing wall to climb, and not just one, but three hill slides for a speedy adventure. This place is made for people of all ages and abilities, so everyone can have a great time here.

Whether you want to play, make friends, or just relax, the Meridian Amenity Center is like a super awesome clubhouse for our community. It’s a place where we all come together and feel like we belong.

Imagine climbing on the Super NetPlex, swinging on the Weevos, or racing down the hill slides. It’s all about having fun! And not just that, it’s also a place where we make friends and build our community. We play together, learn together, and grow together.

So, if you’re looking for a place to have a blast and be a part of something special, the Meridian Amenity Center is the place to be. It’s like our very own community hub where the fun never ends. Come on over and join in the excitement!

Installation Date:

October 11, 2021


12503 Antilia, San Antonio, TX 78245

Play System Type:

Freestanding Play


Other Systems:

EWF Surfacing

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