SST-II Bi-Fold

The patented Hydraulic SST-II Bi-Fold System opens vertically, allowing smooth, quiet access between environments with just the press of a button.

Hydraulically-Operated: The use of hydraulic cylinders eliminates cables, straps, locking mechanisms, pulley’s, springs, etc.

Safety: Through the use of a hydraulic system, all pinch points and moving parts have been eliminated.

Remotely-Located Power Unit: The power unit may be located anywhere in the building, providing a quieter operation and cleaner look.

Reduced Installation Costs: The simplicity of the SST-II mounting frame allows for easy installation.

All Steel Construction: Narrower steel profiles than cable or strap bi-fold doors allowing for more glass volume and greater visibility.

  • Shipped with rust-resistant, red-oxide primer, ready for field finishing
  • Manual lowering system in case of power failure
  • Total security without the use of locking mechanisms – The hydraulic cylinders draw the system panels closed with 1,000+ lbs. of force, creating a tight seal around the perimeter
  • Full perimeter weather seals
  • Integral mounting frame to limit loads on the structure
  • Precision welds at all frame joints
  • Heavy-duty bottom rollers are completely captured by the SST-II frame, keeping the system secure at all times
  • No floor track is required – Nothing to impair movement through the opening
  • When open the system forms an awning providing protection from the weather and sun
  • The use of hydraulics eliminates the need for limit switches

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