DynaCushion manufactures affordable and environmentally safe indoor & outdoor safety surfacing products and playground accessories. DynaPlay are low maintenance products in a variety of colors & fun designs. Whether you are wanting to add an exciting new fun look to your school, park or backyard.

Their reclaimed tire rubber surfacing can provide cushioning any place you need it. The patented DynaCushion Wear Mat™ is constructed of 100% recycled tire rubber and is designed to eliminate erosion around playground equipment and kick out areas at all play structure exits. The DynaCushion has excellent shock absorbency characteristics with a certified 6 ft. fall height.  Beveled Surface mats are used under swings, slide exits, and anywhere stability, durable, longevity, and resilient surface is required.

DynaCurb edging is manufactured from 100 % recycled tire rubber and can be installed straight or curved, which replaces the traditional landscape timbers. DynaCurbs are used to minimize migration of loose fill surfaces outside the play zone.

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