Site Furnishings

Site furnishing can bring balance to an outdoor recreational space, creating a flow that compliments and completes a space. We’re proud to provide the best outdoor furnishings in the market, such as benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, and so much more. Let us bring your outdoor recreational space to life and polish off your site with our reliable and trusted vendors!

Our manufacturers also have the ability to create custom site furnishings using high-quality materials and designed for commercial environments to give you just what you are looking for. Contact us today to discuss your project.


Equiparc is a high-end manufacturer of a wide variety of urban outdoor furnishings, which continuously innovates and surpasses market standards. Their commitment to providing the highest quality to the market has them leveraging materials such as aluminum, galvanized steel, luxury woods, and recycled plastics.


MyTCoat is a manufacturer of the most durable thermoplastic steel furnishings, which is built to provide a long-lasting product line of outdoor furnishings. Their coating material contains no Plastisol, so there is no worry about environmental concerns.

Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures supplies a well-crafted design level of outdoor recreation furnishings from their Nature-Inspired Collection to their Vivid Collection. You’re sure to find a spectacular line of site furnishings to match any of your design needs.

Check out our digital asset library for easy access to all of our partner’s product materials. Simply view, download, and share product information with your project members – making your project development simple and fun!