Splash Pads

With more than 25 years of water experience, Aquatix® by Landscape Structures is a leader in splash pad design, fabrication and construction. Pioneering integrated recirculation systems, the company provides a sustainable solution that empowers hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits.

Landscapes Structures brings the same inventive, imaginative design to their water play features that encourage kids to experience water in a whole new way.

Aquatix® products are made from the highest quality non-corrosive materials that are easy to maintain with long lasting value using both stainless steel and fiberglass materials. From aim-and-sprays to dumping buckets, ground sprays and much more, their water products provide an inclusive, sensory-rich nature play experience in water for children of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are looking for a drain-away or recirculating system, stainless steel or fiberglass fabrication, new splash pad or retrofit, we can help. Take a look at our catalog or contact us to find out more about our water playground 3D design, and let us guide you through product pricing, specifications, customization, maintenance and more.

New Products

New contemporary products encourage kids to experience water in novel ways through game-based events and innovative cause-and effect activities

Classic Structures

Soak, splash, laugh, and enjoy the day in mists and sprays. It’s endless watery entertainment that’s great for refreshing, cooling off and energizing. Enjoy a good soaking, a quick cool-down, or anything between.

Urban Structures

Curves + Creativity = More Fun. Playful shapes and fantastic designs make an enchanting water wonderland where imaginations run free.

Themed Structures

It’s a world of wonder and merriment where water flows, trickles and gushes from surprising places. Endless potential for make-believe adventures in the streams and sprays.

Ground Sprays

Arcs of water give a fountain-like feel-an open invitation to splash. Lively designs create places where imaginations expand. 

Multi-Play Structures

Tons of fun…all in one! Curtains, sprays and even whole buckets of water combine. It’s a wonderland of entertainment to slash and soak in.


Wheeee! Who doesn’t love a slide? So simple, but such fun. Especially when there’s a dinosaur, an elephant or maybe a submarine to zoom down.

Tot Structures

Young adventurers crave the chance to splash and splatter. It’s a gentler world of wonders where even the smallest can splash and delight. An enchanting place where the fun fits.


Create a safe and fun splash pad with one of Aquatix’s Mechanical systems and components. Choose from our industry leading Recirculation System or our cost-effective Domestic single-pass system.


Meet your specific requirements with Aquatix design flexibility. Add any number of options and accessories to create unique and age-appropriate play, including lights, custom colors, materials, and water flow options.