Play Equipment for 13+ Years


Even kids in middle school love to stay active through play. We offer a wide variety of playground equipment for ages 13+ that meet the needs of this group to keep them engaged and challenged. From challenging net climbers to outdoor fitness products, you'll find choices that this hard-to-please age group will love. Additionally, parents can incorporate a fitness workout while kids play on the commercial playground equipment and events. 

Freestanding Play

We've got hundreds of components to create commercial playgrounds to inspire healthy bodies and minds. Find the perfect slide, climbers, spinner or overhead event to add to any play structure or play system.

Sports & Fitness

Our sports and fitness equipment provides fitness components that are designed for outdoor parks and playgrounds where people of almost any ability can challenge their physical fitness and work toward improving their health from head to toe. We make it easy to add fitness to outdoor play. Our HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness System for ages 13+ brings the best of the gym to the great outdoors. Perfect for parks, trails or next to your playground, HealthBeat® uses the latest exercise methodologies to provide a tailored workout for teen and adults of all fitness levels. And its sleek, intuitive design complements any natural setting.