Sports & Fitness

We offer two types of sports & fitness equipment designed for people of almost any ability to challenge their physical fitness. Our outdoor fitness products add fitness to your outdoor play in an inclusive and social environment.

The first is HealthBeat® - a perfect complement to any community playground, and works great next to ball fields or at senior living communities. HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness System from Landscape Structures  uses the latest exercise methodologies to provide a tailored workout for teens and adults of all fitness levels.  HealthBeat® outdoor fitness components complement any natural setting: park, trail or playground.

The second is FitCore™ Extreme.  Extreme fitness is gaining popularity based on current TV shows, and now you can create your own custom fitness course using combinations of pre-designed challenges to encourage kids, teens and adults to get and stay fit. Each piece can also be a challenging obstacle for freerunning. FitCore™ Extreme offers multiple fitness options available for children ages 5 to 12 and teens/adults ages 13+ and promotes whole body fitness and agility with options for users of varied fitness and skill levels.

Landscape Structures' high-quality fitness equipment is engineered and manufactured for durability for high traffic, outdoor use. Contact us for more information.


FitCore™ Extreme

HealthBeat® Components

Ab Crunch/ Leg Lift

Assisted Row/ Push-up

Balance Steps

Cardio Stepper

Chest/Back Press


Hand Cycler


Parallel Bars


Pull Up/ Dip

Squat Press


Tai-Chi Wheels

FitCore™ Extreme Components
Extreme Ledge Hanger
Extreme Spiderwalk
Extreme Peg Bridge
Extreme Angled Overhead Ladder
Extreme A framed cargo net
Extreme Wheel Bridge
Extreme Quintuple Steps
Extreme Jump Hang
Extreme Rope Climb
Extreme Over Under Bars
Extreme Angled Balance Beam
Extreme Vertical Cargo Net