Play Equipment for 2-5 Years

At ages 2 to 5, children are developing physical play and are thinking more creatively. Our many playground equipment and designs offer age-appropriate play to test their motor skills, strength, agility, and more.


PlayShaper® structures are a traditional post-and-deck design and can be fully customized.  PlayShaper® structures are scaled to size for preschool aged children, and their play activities help young children develop physical and social skills.

Preschoolers can have it all with the PlayShaper® play system. They will develop physical skills, learn cooperative play and grow their creative minds all thanks to sensory-rich playground panels, climbing adventures and fun playground slides. Even more, safety is built in to each playground design with our precision manufacturing.


PlaySense® offers 14 unique pre-configured designs at affordable prices. Several of the designs can be purchased in phases and all provide the same strength, durability, and warranty as our other play systems.

Toddlers and preschoolers are rapidly developing their motor skills, coordination, strength, and agility during this time. That’s why our playground equipment components deliver easy-to-grip hand- and foot-holds, correctly proportioned decks and posts, and safety coatings like TenderTuff™ to ensure kids ages 2 to 5 learn more, play hard, and stay safe.

With 25 pre-configured models to choose from, there are playground designs for every age group, site, and budget. Get started on your new playground design for your early childhood center, daycare, or preschool.


Weevos® structures offer modern play with their arched framework and deckless design.  They offer 100% ground-level accessible components (with appropriate surfacing) and can be completely customized.

The Weevos® play system is designed to meet the unique physical, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social, and language needs of 2-5 year-olds. Additionally, its playground slides, climbers, and bridges capture preschoolers’ imaginations as they explore, learn and make new friends. Best of all, Weevos is designed to grow with kids, making it easy for them to graduate to the Evos® playsystem when the time is right.


This outdoor line of musical equipment is perfect for the little ones. As these play events are smaller and lower to the ground -- right at their level of play. Rhapsody outdoor Musical Instruments can be placed together for jamming or spread out individually. A space that will provide a rocking experience!


These smart playstructures are sure to provide an early opportunity to be exposed to exploration in active climbing and social play. A line that packs in a ton of activities into a compact structure, helping young minds to expand at a critical point in childhood development.


Add fun and excitement with freestanding play events that allow kids to explore in all of their senses. Incorporate these favorites -- spinner, ride-on play, or tunnels -- into your new playground design or on existing playgrounds. These solo events are sure to impress and leave a lasting smile.


Introduce young players to the many benefits of dynamic play. These tessellated shapes create playful pods that are linked together, forming a fascinating interconnected matrix of three-dimensional play.