Fellowship of the Parks Church: Fort Worth, TX

Fun-filled, safe playground at Fellowship of the Parks Church in Keller, TX!

Welcome to Fellowship of the Parks Church in Keller, Texas, where we believe in Accessible Play for Children! Our church playground is truly epic, designed to ignite children’s imaginations and provide endless hours of fun, all while prioritizing Accessibility Play for Children.

With towering structures like the Netplex® mainstructure and the Weevos® playstructure, kids can explore and conquer exciting challenges on this accessible play for children. The entire playground is covered by a spacious shade structure, ensuring that children can play and socialize comfortably while staying cool under the Texas sun, all part of our commitment to accessible play for children.

Safety remains a top priority; that’s why we’ve equipped the playground with turf safety surfacing and meticulously crafted concrete borders, enhancing the accessibility play for children. At Fellowship of the Parks Church, we’re dedicated to providing a fun, inclusive, and safe environment for all children to enjoy accessible play.

Installation Date:

October 13, 2019


9900 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76244

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