Shade Structures

Whirlix Design brings you SkyWays® by Landscape Structures. We can provide cool and reliable shade structures for any play, rest or activity area. From playgrounds to schools to dog parks and parking lots—if you need shade, we’ve got you covered.

As the industry’s gold standard in shade structures, SkyWays® brings years of experience providing shade in some of the country’s sunniest locales. SkyWays® shade products are designed to meet the demands of both heat and sun, shielding people from up to 97 percent of UV rays and keeping structures as much as 30-degrees cooler on the steamiest of days. We provide the most versatile ways to give kids and families some much needed heat and sun protection.

Choose from two types of shade products that provide cool and reliable shade for any play, rest and activity: SkyWays® sails offer the largest break from the sun, and CoolToppers® connect to our PlayBooster® playstructures.

You can select from our many standard styles, or completely customize your shade when you need that just-right fit. Don’t see the size, configuration or attachment method that you’re looking for? Let us know! We can create the ideal custom solution to fit the unique requirements of your environment.

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Easy Care and Maintenance
• All shades use corrosion-resistant steel fastening hardware
• Fabric requires yearly washing using a power washer or water hose and light detergent
• The SkyWays® design permits fasteners to be easily removed for fabric storage

Rapid Release Technology™

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to remove and reinstall your canopy. The changing seasons, to prepare for inclement weather, a desire for a new color scheme. Fortunately, SkyWays® make it quick and easy for you with their patent-pending Rapid Release™ system for SkyWays® shade products.

They’ve designed an adjustable mechanism to quickly release your shades and to ensure that you achieve proper tensioning while reinstalling the canopy with no struggle.

Customize Your Shade Even Further

Own your shaded spaces. Add a logo or design to your shade fabric—or have our design team create one for you. Show your colors with custom multi-panel tops. We are also able to integrate electrical elements like handholes, lighting mounts/connections and more.


Our experienced team designs and builds only the most exceptional shade products. At every point in the process—from designing and engineering to welding and powdercoating the steel to cutting and sewing the fabric—attention to detail is paired with an unwavering commitment to lasting quality and satisfaction. It’s a point of pride to see our state-of-the-art shade products soaring into the skies.SkyWays standard shade products are designed to the IBC 2015 building code and are engineered to withstand wind speed up to 105 mph and snow load up to 5 psf. Different specifications may be custom designed.

We are certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, they provide guidelines for establishing our quality and environmental programs ( SkyWays® is the only shade manufacturer with these certifications.

Our breathable shade fabric is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Designed to block up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays and keep temperatures up to 30-degrees cooler. It is also resistant to mildew, fading and ultraviolet rays, making it a long-lasting, great-looking addition to any space.

SkyWays® uses knitted mid-duty HDPE as our standard, one of the strongest standard fabrics available in the industry, leading in tensile, tear and burst strengths. We also have heavy duty fabric available as a custom option for very large spans. They reinforce all corners with 16-ounce non-tear vinyl and all pockets with protective webbing where steel cable enters or exits. SkyWays® products are engineered for super durability.

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