Victoria Park: Irving, TX

2014 Victoria Park Playground: Exciting play equipment, creative play, and shade for ages 5-12.

Victoria Park playground, constructed in 2015, offers an array of exciting play equipment, designed to foster and enhance creative play. This inclusive playspace boasts an impressive selection of features, including PlayBooster®, Evos®, and various freestanding components such as saddle spinners, rock climbers, and the SlideWinder2®.

One standout feature is the Permalene® GFRC material, which not only provides a lifelike stone aesthetic but also serves as a canvas for imaginative adventures. Meanwhile, the Evos® mainstructure is a hub for independent play experiences, encouraging children to engage in climbing, swinging, stepping, and wobbling activities, stimulating their creativity at every turn.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, custom integrated shade keeps kids protected from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing them to indulge in hours of creative play. Ideal for children aged 5 to 12, the Victoria Park playground is a haven where young minds can flourish, nurturing their imagination and fostering creativity that will last for years to come. Come and discover a world of endless creative play possibilities at Victoria Park playground!

Installation Date:

April 17, 2015


3051 W Northgate Dr, Irving, TX 75062

Age Range:

5 – 12 years

Other Systems:

Mixed Surfacing

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