Galaxy Park: Fort Worth, TX

Space-themed Hedra® playground: Inspiring safe, fun play under the stars.

Step into our extraordinary Space-themed playground, where the spotlight shines on adventure and imagination. Our Space-themed playground is an epic destination, boasting the innovative Landscape Structures Hedra® structure at its core.

This playground is purposefully designed to ignite young minds and foster creativity while ensuring a secure and enjoyable play space. At every turn, your young explorers will discover that the next move is always the right one in this captivating cosmic realm.

As your children traverse this playground, they’ll have abundant opportunities to explore the stars, fueling their curiosity and sparking dreams of interstellar adventures. The interactive design encourages imaginative play, where the sky is not the limit but the starting point.

Whether you’re a family seeking a memorable outing or a visitor looking for an out-of-this-world experience, our Space-themed playground promises an unforgettable journey. Join us and embark on a cosmic quest, where every moment is an opportunity to reach for the stars. Visit our remarkable Space-themed playground at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and let your imagination soar among the galaxies.

Installation Date:

October 2, 2022


1600 Gendy St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

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