Rosedale School: Austin, TX

Inclusive Environment: Rosedale School Playscape in Austin, TX

Explore Rosedale School, a warm and inviting elementary school playscape nestled in Austin, Texas. This exceptional and inclusive environment has been meticulously crafted to nurture play and socialization for children of all ages and abilities.

With a strong emphasis on accessibility, the playscape proudly showcases a spacious ramped structure, complemented by a cooling shade structure, ensuring a pleasant experience for all visitors. A standout feature is the We-Go-Swing®, a fully wheelchair-accessible swing that opens up the world of fun to everyone, epitomizing the essence of this inclusive environment.

Moreover, the playscape is home to the We-Go-Round®, offering a dynamic spinning adventure that captivates the imagination and enjoyment of all who partake. To add a harmonious touch, the area is adorned with the delightful Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments, fostering an inclusive environment where interaction and engagement flourish for individuals of varying abilities.

At Rosedale School, inclusivity is not just a concept but a way of life, making it a truly special place where everyone can come together in an inclusive environment designed for their enjoyment and growth.

Installation Date:

April 25, 2021


7505 Silvercrest Dr, Austin, TX 78757

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