Liberty at Windhaven Meadows Park: Plano, TX

accessible play: Children of all abilities engaging in fun activities together at Liberty Playground.

The Liberty Playground at Windhaven Meadows Park in Plano, Texas stands as a testament to human creativity and boundless imagination. This playground is a stunning embodiment of accessible play, embracing innovation to craft an exceptional experience for children and families.

At the heart of this remarkable playscape is a custom adaptation of the net climber design, integrated into the Evos® play system by Landscape Structures®. It challenges young adventurers to explore novel ways of engaging with their surroundings, encouraging creativity and problem-solving through play.

Moreover, inclusivity is woven into the very fabric of Liberty Playground. It proudly features several components designed for accessible play, with the Sway Fun Wheelchair Glider being a standout example. Notably, it is the inaugural wheelchair-accessible glider that meets rigorous safety standards while adhering to ADA compliance, ensuring that children of all abilities can enjoy the thrill of gliding in harmony with their peers.

This play haven is not only a haven of imagination but also one of safety and comfort. It rests upon a vibrant, multi-colored poured-in-place surfacing that provides a secure foundation for playful adventures. To shield young explorers from the sun’s rays, a top-notch engineered shade system by SkyWays® elegantly embraces the playscape, ensuring that fun knows no bounds, even on scorching summer days.

Liberty Playground is a gift to Plano, Texas, promising years of laughter, exploration, and accessible play for generations to come. This splendid haven exemplifies the marriage of innovation and inclusivity, fostering a space where children can dream, discover, and create, regardless of their abilities.

Installation Date:

March 29, 2019


5400 Windhaven Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093

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