Dome Town Park: Addison, TX

Nature-inspired playground with Canyon Collection® rock climbers, slides, and more, perfect for family fun.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of a nature-inspired playground design, where the enchantment of the great outdoors comes to life. This playground, thoughtfully crafted with a nature-inspired playground design in mind, showcases the exquisite Canyon Collection® rock climbers, exhilarating slides, charming bridges, and thrilling overhead events.

For the littlest adventurers, there are delightful tree truck-themed swings that toddlers will adore. Older kids, seeking a more daring escapade, can revel in the excitement of our Tire Swing.

But it’s not just the captivating play elements that make our playground a true gem. It seamlessly integrates into the surrounding neighborhood, becoming an organic part of the landscape. Families seeking a wholesome and engaging experience need look no further. This nature-inspired playground design offers the perfect setting for creating lasting memories, all while immersing in the beauty of the outdoors. Discover the harmony of play and nature right here, where every visit is a rendezvous with the natural world.

Installation Date:

April 1, 2018


14705 Sherlock Dr, Addison, TX 75001

Play System Type:

Freestanding Play


Other Systems:

Turf Surfacing

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