Fitness Park: Lewisville, TX

High Step Agility Equipment: Boost Speed and Skills with Suspended Net Training.

Located in Lewisville, this park is an ideal destination for speed and agility training enthusiasts. The park features multiple fitness activities; such as a suspended horizontal net that adds an exciting challenge to your workout routine, demanding precise footwork as you land in each square of the rope climber.

For kids simply looking to have a blast, the park offers more than just fitness equipment. Don’t overlook the Crab Trap and Hedra Scout structures; they’re not to be missed. These structures provide ample chances to engage in fun activities like climbing, crawling, and hanging out in their expansive interiors and atop the net structure.

Whether you’re here for serious speed and agility training or just some family-friendly outdoor fun, this Lewisville park has something for everyone. Experience the thrill of improving your agility and speed while enjoying a day of active play with your loved ones.

Installation Date:

April 19, 2022


2617 Round Table Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75056

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