Prairie Ridge: Venus, TX

Explore Prairie Ridge Playground in Grand Prairie, Texas - fun for all ages! Exciting play with elevation changes and safety features.

Unearth the wonders of Prairie Ridge, a remarkable playground nestled in Venus, Texas. It’s a haven of ceaseless amusement and adventure, appealing to kids of all ages. This unique playground is defined by its diverse array of play events, prominently featuring exciting elevation changes, including mounds, that are sure to delight young explorers.

From the heart-pounding Netplex, thoughtfully shaded for comfort, to the ever-moving Pulse® Tempo, every moment here is an exhilarating journey through varying elevations. Safety is paramount at Prairie Ridge, where you’ll find meticulously designed structures, sturdy concrete boards, and dependable poured-in-place (PIP) safety surfacing, all serving to grant parents the ultimate peace of mind.

Prepare yourself and your children for an unparalleled play experience at Prairie Ridge. Here, imagination reigns supreme amidst the backdrop of captivating elevation changes, including mounds. Whether your little ones are scaling these mounds or navigating their way through this playground’s thrilling terrain, Prairie Ridge promises an adventure like no other, where the excitement never stops.

Installation Date:

November 9, 2022


4038 Prairieside Trl, Venus, TX 76084

Other Systems:

Shade Structure

Mixed Surfacing

Berm Structures

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