Georgian Acres Park: Austin, TX

Georgian Acres Austin, TX: Kids' Imagination Playground

Georgian Acres in Austin, TX is a haven for unscripted play for children, where young imaginations take flight. This vibrant space boasts open play structures that encourage unrestricted creativity. Kids are free to explore, climb, spin, and slide to their hearts’ content, making every visit an adventure in unscripted play.

One of the standout features at Georgian Acres is the Global Motion, a thrilling attraction that invites kids to embark on imaginative journeys while spinning and swaying. The Smart Play Loft provides another space for unscripted play, with its interactive elements sparking creativity at every turn.

At Georgian Acres, unscripted play for children isn’t limited to one or two activities. The playground offers a diverse range of experiences, from the exhilarating Seattle Spinner to a custom main structure that’s tailor-made for fun and exploration.

In the heart of Austin, TX, Georgian Acres sets the stage for unscripted play, allowing children to shape their own adventures in this dynamic and engaging space. Visit Georgian Acres today and let your child’s imagination run wild through unscripted play like never before.

Installation Date:

October 7, 2019


500 E Powell Ln, Austin, TX 78753

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