Ray Roberts State Park: Pilot Point, TX

Texas family fun: Colorful playground by the lake in Pilot Point.

Explore the excitement of Texas family fun at Ray Roberts State Park Playground in the charming town of Pilot Point. This awesome outdoor play area is designed especially for kids aged 5 to 12 and is right by a beautiful lake, fitting perfectly into the natural beauty of North Texas.

The playground has a big, colorful structure with cool designs that make it a top spot for fun. It even has special CoolToppers shades to keep you cool under the hot Texas sun.

One of the best parts is the Oodle® Swing that many kids can enjoy at once. Safety is super important here. We’ve put in safe, bouncy ground covering and strong borders to make sure you stay safe while having family fun.

So, when you’re looking for a place to have some awesome Texas family fun in nature, Ray Roberts State Park Playground in Pilot Point is the place to be. It’s where you can have a blast outside and make awesome memories with your family.

Installation Date:

November 12, 2019


Isle Du Bois State Park Rd, Pilot Point, TX 76258

Play System Type:

Freestanding Play


Age Range:

5 – 12 years

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