Crawford Aquatic Center: Dallas, TX

Breathtaking Crawford Aquatic Center Water Splash Park: HydraHub1, Interactive Fun, and More!

Come and have a blast at Crawford Aquatic Center‘s water splash park! It’s a super fun place where you can have endless fun. Right in the middle of the park is the HydraHub1, which is like a cool raised stage for lots of fun stuff.

You’ll love watching kids run around and have a great time in the water splash park. There’s this awesome VersoSplash™ dumping bucket that makes everyone laugh and small bubblers to cool your feet down. There’s also a cool telescope that can make you dream big, and lots of sprayers that make the water even more fun. And, of course, there are super cool slides to zip down into the water.

So, come on over to Crawford Aquatic Center’s water splash park and have a blast! It’s the best place for family fun or to cool off when it’s hot outside. We can’t wait to see you and have an amazing time at Crawford Aquatic Center!

Installation Date:

March 21, 2018


375 S Prairie Creek Rd, Dallas, TX 75217


Metallic Silver, Azure Blue, Denim

Splash System Type:


Age Range:

All Ages

Total Flow Rate:

335 GPM

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