Dragon Park: Lewisville, TX

Epic castle-themed Dragon Park in Lewisville, TX for ages 2-12, with dragon sculptures & PlayBooster castle.

Welcome to Dragon Park in Lewisville, Texas, a truly epic castle-themed playground designed with children aged 2 to 12 in mind. At this castle-themed playground, your child can embark on adventures like raiding the castle or saving the princess, making every visit an exciting and imaginative playtime experience.

The highlight of this castle-themed playground is the extraordinary GFRC dragon sculpture that will capture your child’s imagination. As they explore the park, they’ll also encounter the magnificent PlayBooster castle, offering endless opportunities for fun and exploration.

Safety is a top priority, and that’s why we’ve included a swing set and engineered wood fiber (EWF) safety surfacing throughout the playground. You can rest easy knowing that your child can play safely and comfortably in this enchanting castle-themed playground.

So, if you’re seeking a fantastical playground where your child’s imagination can soar while having a blast, look no further than Dragon Park in Lewisville, Texas – the ultimate castle-themed playground adventure. Come and let your child’s imagination run wild amidst the magic of this extraordinary park.

Installation Date:

September 5, 2020


2719 Merlin Dr
Lewisville, TX 75056

Age Range:

5 – 12 years

Other Systems:

EWF Surfacing

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