Wood Ranch: Rising Star, TX

Accessible playground in Rising Star, TX: Inclusive play, shade, & fun for all abilities.

Wood Ranch Playground in Rising Star, Texas, is not your usual playground; it’s a super cool accessible playground where everyone can have fun. This special place is made for kids of all abilities, and it has tons of fun stuff to do!

Right in the center of this special playground is the PlayBooster® play structure. It’s like a big playhouse with lots of fun things to do. You can also make music with the Rhapsody® outdoor musical instruments, spin around on the OmniSpin® spinner in this accessible playground, or go on the We-saw™ with your friends. And, of course, there are swings for you to enjoy.

If you like exploring and discovering new things, check out the Sensory Play Center® in this playground. It’s a special spot designed to make your playtime super exciting. And when you need a little break, there’s a Cozy Dome® where you can relax and take a breather.

Texas can get really hot, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the SkyWays® shade sails. They’re like big umbrellas that keep you cool when you’re playing on sunny days at this accessible playground.

Wood Ranch Playground is a place where all kids, no matter what, can have fun together in this accessible playground. Come visit and have a blast at this awesome, inclusive playground!

Installation Date:

September 15, 2019


4580 FM 2940, Rising Star, TX 76471

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