Calf Pasture Park: Cedar Hill, TX

Calf Pasture Park in Cedar Hill, TX: Modern playground with Vibe® roofs, PlayBooster® playstructure, swings, and SkyWays® shade structures.

Nestled in the heart of Cedar Hill, TX, Calf Pasture Park stands as a testament to cutting-edge outdoor recreation with its modern playground design. This innovative playground, thoughtfully crafted to captivate young imaginations, showcases the latest in playtime enjoyment.

At its centerpiece lies the PlayBooster® playstructure, a shining example of modern playground design. Kids aged 5 to 12 are in for an adventure, as they explore its dynamic features, including the thrilling Rollerslide, engaging O-Zone® Rings, and the challenging Traveler Climber.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Calf Pasture Park extends its modern playground design philosophy throughout, with swings that soar high and safe, and commercial shade structures courtesy of SkyWays®, ensuring families have a comfortable oasis to relax while their children embark on their playtime adventures.

With its vibrant aesthetic and thoughtfully designed, modern playground components, Calf Pasture Park has earned its reputation as a must-visit destination for families in Cedar Hill. It’s where fun meets innovation, and where memories are forged in the heart of a contemporary outdoor paradise.

Installation Date:

February 10, 2019


916-964 Moore St, Cedar Hill, TX

Play System Type:


Age Range:

5 – 12 years

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