Eanes Elementary: Austin, TX

Eanes Elementary Austin, TX: Inclusive Playground with PlayBooster® and Freestanding Play Elements

Eanes Elementary, nestled in Austin, Texas, is proud to provide a premier playground that embraces inclusivity, offering play opportunities for all abilities.

At the heart of our playground stands a remarkable PlayBooster® playstructure with ramped accessibility, ensuring that every student can partake in the joy of climbing, sliding, and interactive play. Here, students of diverse abilities find a multitude of play opportunities, fostering friendship, imagination, and physical activity.

Beyond the PlayBooster®, our playground boasts an array of freestanding play components, including the inviting Cozy Dome, the playful Pod Steppers, and the innovative Evos structure. These elements enrich the play experience, offering various ways for children to explore and engage in fun activities, thereby enhancing the inclusive spirit of our schoolyard.

Eanes Elementary’s commitment to providing play opportunities for all abilities extends throughout our campus, promoting an inclusive environment where every student can thrive, learn, and make lasting memories. Join us in celebrating the joy of play and the diversity of our student body at Eanes Elementary in Austin, Texas.

Installation Date:

October 27, 2012


4101 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX 78746

Play System Type:

Freestanding Play



Age Range:

5 – 12 years

Other Systems:

Turf Surfacing

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