Reduce Playground Injuries with Safety Surfacing

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), falls to the playground surface account for nearly 70 percent of all injuries. Shock-absorbing playground safety surfacing can reduce serious mishaps. The primary safety goal is to minimize impact from the critical fall heights in the playground.

Surfacing systems vary widely in cost, maintenance, texture, accessibility, and appearance. Options include poured in place rubber, rubber tiles, artificial grass, woodchips, loose rubber, or some combination of these. There are pros and cons to each system – we can help you decide which is the best option for you.

Landscape Structures combines the benefits of design, technology and safety into a revolutionary, high-performance solution: PebbleFlex® 2.0 and AquaFlex®. They are the best safety surfacing options for your playground, water play and pool deck needs.

Unlike traditional poured-in-place surfacing, PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex®, provided by Landscape Structures and Surface America, use a bond-in-place technology where engineered pebbles bond together to create surfaces that stand up to the demands of weather extremes and active use. They are resilient surfaces designed for endless play.

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