Landscape Structures Site Furnishings

Landscape Structures® has been privately owned since 1971, when its founder and chairman Steve King and his wife Barb, set out to change the way we look at playgrounds. The company notably progressed from a shop in the King’s garage to a successful business and global leader in the commercial playground industry. The Kings took great pride in their playground products, from their first handmade redwood structures to the industry-leading PlayBooster® line today.

Landscape Structures® is passionate about creating the highest-quality playground products and designs. Their designs go beyond ADA requirements and they excel in making truly inclusive play environments for all children. Landscape Structures® continues to push the design envelope by creating some of the most creative themed play events in the world along; from circus themes and rocket ships to nature-inspired playgrounds that blend into the natural environment. There is no better, safer, stronger playground equipment available. Please contact us for more information.

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