Solar Charging Stations

BannerAd_2018Smart devices have become the way of the world.  They have become our computers, cameras, telephones, televisions, gaming centers, clocks, and calendars.  And when we are away from traditional power, a drained battery can be an aggravating experience.

Whether you are at the pool, the soccer field or the playground, Whirlix Design, the Texas distributor for SolarSynthesis™,  helps you stay connected anywhere you need it. SolarSynthesis™ designs and manufactures high quality, aesthetically pleasing solar power providing convenient access to recharging power in any location. Available in multiple colors and sizes these units will easily blend into your décor and we have ability to customize any unit with your company logo.

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New in 2019!

SolarSynthesis is pleased to announce the addition of three new options to its Solar Powered Charging Stations:

  1. Let there be Light.  The addition of a 0.4W Light (7 Lumens) to illuminate the unit.  This light is recessed into the front of the unit shining down at a 90-degree angle.  A photocell is recessed into the rear of the unit to power the light from dusk until dawn.  
  2. Wireless Charging is Here.  The addition of a wireless charging platform The wireless charging pad is recessed into the platform.  This can be mounted on either the right side or left side, depending on customer choice.
  3. Low solar absorption paint.  For those warmer climates, this paint meets MIL-PRF-24635E Grade B standards to minimize heat transfer.  The charging station will average 10 degrees F cooler compared to standard powder coating.

New Light Option

New Wireless Charging Pad