Community Builds

Experience the Power of a Community Build

There’s something particularly satisfying about watching kids run, jump and climb on a playground built by a community. Community build playgrounds bring out the best in people. Not only are they building a community gathering space, but they’re helping build community, pride and a sense of ownership. Even more, these volunteers are helping the school or community save on installation costs. As you begin the playground planning process, a community build project can be a money-saving alternative. Community build projects also create wonderful opportunities for bringing neighbors and communities closer together.

We understand the importance of making it easy for community members to collaborate on everything from goal setting and design through equipment assembly and maintenance. That’s why Landscape Structures has created a Guide to Community Build Playgrounds, which outlines everything including how to recruit and organize the volunteers, gather necessary tools and build a schedule to help execute the installation.  Contact us to request a complete Guide to Community Build Playgrounds.

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