Grant Funding

While  parks and playgrounds are great investments, funding a project can pose some challenges. The good news is that there is nearly always money available, you just have to know where to look for it! Playground grants are just one way you can get the funds you need to make your project happen.

Whirlix Design Inc. is here to assist you with information on available grants and we can provide you with designs and pricing to include along with your grant applications that meet the specific needs of your group and site.

Preparation is Key to Securing Playground Grants

To some, writing a playground grant sounds like an overwhelming task. But with proper planning and tools, you can be effectively secure funds for your new community or school playground. Use the following 10 tips to help ensure success in your playground grant writing process:

  1. Understand the purpose of the grant and write to the grant requirements
  2. Establish goals and activities that are clear
  3. Outline your proposal before you begin writing
  4. Write clearly, concisely and professionally
  5. Write as if you have already been funded for the grant and are explaining what you will be doing
  6. Make sure the proposal answers each question asked
  7. Be sure to consult with required stakeholders and get appropriate approvals to submit the grant early in the process
  8. The appearance of your proposal matters; use visuals when possible
  9. Read and edit your proposal in its entirety
  10. Have someone not familiar with your program read the proposal for clarity
Finding Playground Grants

There are many grant programs available, you just have to know where to look for them. There are federal and state programs that award grants for playgrounds and physical fitness equipment. More and more corporations like Lowe’s, Aetna Foundation, Hasbro and Wal-Mart also offer grants for park and playground projects.

Landscape Structures has put together a Grant Guide that provides a listing of federal and state programs, as well as grants offered by corporations.

To assist you in navigating the more than 40-page guide, they’ve divided it into national grant funding organizations, organizations that provide grants regardless of location, and geographic-specific grant funding organizations, grants provided to nonprofits based on the location or area being served. There are also a few international grant opportunities included.

To request the “Grant Resource Guide”  contact us.

Watch out for “Grant” Illusions!

“Grants” are used by some playground manufacturers to fish for projects and bait clients into purchasing quickly before giving real consideration to quality, longevity, personalized design and play value.

These deceptive marketing tactics are not really grants, just inflated, limited-choice, package designs that are then discounted back down to the actual price. Ask us for a comparable structure design and cost comparison to these “grant” designs. Get better equipment with higher play value and longer return on investment— with no tricks.
A true grant benefits the people receiving the grant, not a monetary benefit for those giving the “grant.”

Real Grant Funds are Available. Contact us for more information.