Marti Van Ravenswaay: Arlington, TX


The Marti Van Ravenswaay Park playground was designed to honor to a woman who served the City of Arlington. She served as Board Member for Arlington Parks and Recreation, as well as, the Tarrant County Commissioner. The development team took care to design a elegant and eye catching space. This playscape features freestanding play with PlayBooster® equipment as the mainstructure. It includes some exciting play components such as a GeoPlex® climber and a Double Swoosh® slide for the steepest double race. The mainstructure is covered with a CoolToppers® Pyramid roof to make sure kids are kept out of the harmful UV rays. We know kids love this beautiful structure because of the great play value it offers, so we look forward for many more years of play to come!


4601 Bowman Springs Rd, Arlington, TX 76016

Installation Date:

June 17, 2019

Play System Type:

Freestanding Play



Peacock, Lagoon, Limon, Black, Gray

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