To build better playgrounds, and to encourage more of them, Landscape Structures® wanted to understand how play leads to the development of successful adults. So, they commissioned a meta-study, “Shaped by Play: The Formative Role of Play and Playgrounds” in partnership with the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development. This study aggregates and analyzes key findings from some of the most influential studies on children and play. Our purpose is to recognize the importance and power of play and encourage you to think about and create positive play experiences for children in your community.

If you know kids, you know the importance of play. Most people know play is important for physical and mental development. And you intuitively understand its power to shape our children’s futures. But, we believe play has the potential to begin building a foundation of life-long leadership skills such as persistence, empathy and leadership.

This study will confirm your instincts, hopefully reveal some new insights, and lay the ground work for deeper understanding of how play impacts leadership skill development.

Contact us to request this whitepaper. To learn more about the formative role of play, visit shapedbyplay.com.

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