2021 Play Tour

2021 Play Tour at Landscape Structures in Delano, MN was well attended! We were thrilled to have the folks from Coleman and Associates, City of Mineral Wells, and the City of Allen join us for tour of the plant where the best playgrounds are made!

“Our lean manufacturing practices and kaizen techniques combined with a creative, empowered work force drives significant operational improvements, reduces waste, increases efficiencies and ensures product quality.”

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This educational session included a tour of the Landscape Structures manufacturing facilities during which they saw processes in action and learned how manufacturing improvements have created more environmentally preferable products. 

And the best part…the Landscape Structures Play Tour qualifies for Continuing Education Credits! We are authorized to provide a range of 2.50 to 4.0 CEUs, which meets Health, Safety and Welfare credits. After spending time at the company headquarters, attendees have an understanding of the following learning objectives:

  • An employee-owned company, operating lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices, impacts the quality of a manufactured product.
  • Various manufacturing processes and mistake-proof techniques can ensure repeatable quality.
  • The advantages of using various coating methods and finishing systems for different material types.
  • Changes to manufacturing practices can greatly reduce the usage of materials, water and energy, resulting in products that are environmentally responsible.
  • Equipment inspections in the field, through site tours, show first-hand how the product performs in real world conditions.

If you would like to be part of a future tour please contact us.

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