Why We Make The Best Playgrounds

We Remember...

At Whirlix Design, we remember what it felt like to be a kid, to play with our friends on the playground and feel the sunshine on our face and the fresh air in our lungs. We remember that sense of awe, wonderment, and freedom. We remember seeing the world through curious eyes and finding inspiration in everything.
After years of work in the corporate world, we realized that we wanted that inspiration back. We wanted our work to make a difference, to make the world a better place—not only for ourselves, but for our families.
As parents in this overscheduled, hectic world, we knew the importance of unstructured play for our kids. We have seen for ourselves what kids gain through play—emotionally, physically and mentally. So when the opportunity arose in 2017, we twirled our way into the Landscape Structures family.
And we couldn’t be happier!

Jason, Colleen & Connor EdmundsonThe Edmundsons
Jason, Colleen & Connor