Why We Make The Best Playgrounds

We Remember...

At Whirlix Design, we remember what it felt like to be a kid, to play with our friends on the playground and feel the sunshine on our face and the fresh air in our lungs. We remember that sense of awe, wonderment, and freedom. We remember seeing the world through curious eyes and finding inspiration in everything.
After years of work in the corporate world, we realized that we wanted that inspiration back. We wanted our work to make a difference, to make the world a better place—not only for ourselves, but for our families.
As parents in this overscheduled, hectic world, we knew the importance of unstructured play for our kids. We have seen for ourselves what kids gain through play—emotionally, physically and mentally. So when the opportunity arose in 2017, we twirled our way into the Landscape Structures family.
And we couldn’t be happier!

Jason, Colleen & Connor EdmundsonThe Edmundsons
Jason, Colleen & Connor

People, Philosophy, Leadership, Reputation, and Quality All Matter.

We joined Landscape Structures because we believe in their mission and core values. They are the very best in the industry and we are thrilled to be a part of changing the world through play!

  • Landscape Structures is 100% employee owned (ESOP), so employees are directly invested in their success by living their values and committing to the highest level of service, innovation and design.
  • Founded by a landscape architect, Steve King, the creator of the continuous play concept, Landscape Structures outpaces the industry in creating custom playgrounds by focusing on design thinking and lever-aging the largest in-house design team.
  • World-class manufacturing at Landscape Structures is driven by Kaizen methodology and culture since 1999. Vertically integrated for maximum quality control by employee owners, superior materials, fit and finishes ensure their playgrounds are built to last decades instead of years.
  • Landscape Structures’ customer-centric philosophy means they go above and beyond their industry-leading warranty to do what’s right every time. They have the industry’s best lead and delivery times.
Whirlix Design, along with Landscape Structures, is committed to bringing you the best playgrounds in the world.

Your Playground Deserves The Best Warranty In the Industry And it all starts with the best customer service in the industry.

We promise to:

  • Present a “happy to help you” attitude in all we do. From proposal to installation we are here to help and happy to meet your needs.
  • Return your calls promptly—we can’t wait to talk to you!
  • Provide a list of referral customers—so you know you are dealing with the very best.
  • And we will deliver on what we tell you. We want you to be our next referral customer!
  • Sell what we want our kids to play on—as a family owned and operated business, our children are our most valuable asset and they deserve the very best playgrounds available.
  • Provide you with a list of installed locations so you can visit to test out our equipment- we will even take you there too!
  • Visit your site up front to assess your needs and do a post install walk though to make sure we met your expectations.
  • Hand deliver and review with you a free maintenance kit with your specific design and extra paints and hardware should you need them.
  • We can provide parts for the life of your equipment in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
  • No other company can match Landscape Structures’ three (3) Year “bumper to bumper” warranty on ALL PARTS, including moving parts.
  • Landscape Structures’ play structures are built with 100% aluminum posts and clamps, and stainless steel tamper-proof hardware. This ensures the buyer has a 100 YEAR WARRANTY on these main structural components .
  • All parts coated in TenderTuff ®Coating have a 15 year warranty and will not rust.
  • A 15 year warranty on all slides because of the patented sliding footer component which allows a plastic slide to expand in the heat and contract in the cold so that it does not pull away from the deck or crack.
  • Playground innovation leader since 1971.
  • First company to coat its decks with PVC coating to mitigate extreme temperatures.
  • First company to increase its slide warranty to 15 years because of the patented sliding footer component.
  • Pioneer in inclusive and sensory play.
  • First manufacturer to switch to “Super Durable” a TGIC Powdercoat that gives long lasting, vibrant, deep colors for years.
  • First U.S. playground manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 Certification, a customer-focused commitment to quality products and processes.
  • First U.S. playground manufacturer to achieve ISO 14001 Certification, the highest standard for environmental commitment.

Unique, creative modern designs set Landscape Structures apart and they have the patents (with many more pending) to prove it!

  • Evos®/Weevos®, 8,021,240, 8,366,562, 8,485,911, 9,089,731
  • Global Motion®, 9,868,069
  • HealthBeat® with Resistance, 9,802,074
  • Netplex®, 9,375,609
  • OmniSpin®, 8,870,668, 9,220,988
  • Rhapsody® Drums, 9,734,808, 9,818,384
  • Rhapsody® Metallophones, 9,773,482
  • Sensory Wall®, 8,936,502
  • Venti® (Design Patent), D807,978
  • ZipKrooz®, 9,932,046

The Landscape Structures’ designs proudly display the IPEMA Certification Seal which assures the buyer that not only are the individual components in compliance with ASTM, but the layout and use of the certified components are in compliance with the ASTM standard.
All 2-D drawings are IPEMA Certified and follow ASTM F 1487-01 and ADAAG guidelines.

From Landscape Structures’ exclusive compression clamps that keep fingers and clothing safe to the tunnel slide design that eliminates pinched fingers; their focus is on safety and durability. They use only the best materials they can find, because they build their products to last.

  • Landscape Structures uses 3/4" Permalene®, because they know it's rugged, won't chip or peel, and the finish holds up in all kinds of weather.
  • Plain old S-hooks are not good enough. They use top-of-the-line Clevis bolts or Swivel Point Connectors instead. They are more durable and reliable.
  • Steel reinforced cable wrapped in polyester is used instead of traditional ropes that can rub skin the wrong way. This space-age material is easy on little hands, UV-stable and won't fray.
  • Their aluminum die-cast half-clamp design features 360 degrees of compression for a more secure fit to posts. Aluminum rivet adds shear strength for deck-supporting clamps.
  • Tender hands are protected from the temperature extremes of bare metal with their proprietary TenderTuff®Surface Coating. You'll find it on most every thing children may touch. It also provides a softer-grippier surface.
  • They use only high-quality, architectural-grade, Super-Durable TGIC polyester powdercoat paints. These specially formulated, corrosion-resistant coating, plus their five-step wash-and-paint process and epoxy primer layer, ensure optimum UV stability and gloss retention and a rugged, long-lasting finish.
  • Their innovative and versatile ball-and-socket clamping system is used for Evos® play systems and other products. Over 6,500 pounds of clamping strength.
  • They use 5” Aluminum posts and stainless steel fasteners that will never rust and will not need to be replaced like steel. They also use aluminum post caps not plastic.
  • Their decks are flange-formed from 12-gauge steel, with safe, rounded corners. Flush-mounted to the outside of posts for more play space; less chance for toes or hands to get caught and they are TenderTuff® coated.
  • Project Design Support
  • CAD Drawings
  • Accredited CEU Presentations
  • Product Presentations
  • Service and Maintenance Presentations
  • 3D Layout and Design
  • Fundraising and Grant Support
  • Certified Inspection Services
  • Site Visit & Measurement
  • Safety Inspections
  • Parts Replacement and Warranty Support
  • Environmental Sustainability Programs
  • Community Build Installation Management and Support
  • Post Install Walk Through
  • Grand Opening Assistance
  • Qualified Project Management
  • Certified Installation Services
  • VIP Factory Tours

Our experienced team members will make sure everything is completed on time and to our customer’s expectations. The Whirlix Design team represents 60+ years of experience with the products that we distribute.

  • Jason Edmundon, President
  • Greg Hawkins, Vice President ,Sales
  • Tracey Edgar, Business Development Manager
  • David Rushing, Business Development Manager
  • Mindy Long, Business Development Manager
  • David Paquette, Construction Manager
  • Dede Landeros, Estimator
  • Will Stirling, Estimator
  • Tom Smith, Sales Support Specialist
  • Tiffany Foret, Office Manager

Our goal is to provide kids an opportunity to “always be in motion.” We want to ensure that kids of all abilities have a chance to play and interact together. Together with Landscape Structures, we bring you the very best playgrounds in the world!