Whirlix Design Inc.


Whirlix Design Inc. was created to support the health and wellness of all children.  Our goal is to provide kids an opportunity to “always be in motion.”  We want to ensure kids of all abilities have a chance to play and interact together.  Our partner Landscape Structures has been at the forefront of innovation for inclusive play since the 1970s, and together we design structures that allow all kids to have fun and  grow together.

At Whirlix, we strive to provide unparalleled customer service throughout the entire process.  Our experienced team members will make sure everything is completed on time and to our customer’s expectations.  We have the support of the industry’s best warranty on equipment.

Protecting Our Environment

A key piece of taking care of our children is ensuring they have a safe, clean environment to grow in. Whirlix does its part to support the environment by providing eco-friendly products through our partnership with Landscape Structures and their ISO 14001 certification for environmental sustainability.  We are committed to policies and practices that best support our environment throughout the manufacturing and installation process.

Giving Back to Our Community

Whirlix is committed to keeping kids active and healthy, and our playgrounds are only the starting to point.   A portion of our profits are donated directly to the Project Fit America®. Project Fit America’s goal is to “create new and sustainable opportunities for kids to be active, fit and healthy as part of the everyday school experience. This is accomplished through educational programs and equipment, that will allow the school to successfully teach fitness education year after year.”   Working with Project Fit America®, Whirlix can have a big impact on the lives and wellbeing of the next generation.