vturfnewsmall1Vitriturf® is a unique poured in place safety surfacing system (synthetic turf and rubber), using a proprietary technology, providing a seamless, porous, safe, and aesthetic surfacing.

As their distributor for surfacing in Texas, we can offer a variety of products that do not require a concrete slab or gravel as a sub base and can be applied over most substrates including grass, hard pan dirt, compacted stone and sand.

Vitriturf® can be utilized for many types of sports activities. The system is porous, so the water penetrates between the pores of the rubber, reaching the sub-base and drains. The system is vitrually water free after a rainstorm, so play can resume.

Vitriturf® is also designed for use under water. Applications include situations from zero depth spray pools to amusement park pools and water- jet environments. Vitriturf® is available in a porous and non-porous surfacing.

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Vitriturf® Advantages:
1. Reduces the cost per square foot of the total poured in place system.
2. Allows for quicker installation because it provides the sub-base and system.
3. Meets the requirements for shock attenuation and slip resistance.

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