White Papers

Our partner, Landscape Structures, is the industry leader in playground design and innovation. They have provided these white papers to encourage the discussion about the importance of outdoor play, physical activity and playgrounds.  We hope they will guide your playground planning discussion with us. To request a copy, please click here.

Balancing Safety & Challenge in Playground Design

White Paper

Playgrounds are a place where children can learn and grow through exploration and social interaction. However, that development can’t take place without age and developmentally appropriate challenges.

Parental concern along with standards that have decreased design freedom are contributors to the lack of challenging opportunities in today’s play equipment. Finding a balance between challenge and safety is important to childhood development, and society can help determine a healthy median.

Shaped by Play: How Play Types Impact Development

Relatively few studies have examined patterns of play on playground equipment to assess how play spaces might shape children’s development. This observational research addresses that question, and examines whether certain types of developmentally significant play are best supported by certain playground components from Landscape Structures.

Shaped by Play: The Formative Role of Play and Playgrounds

White Paper

Child’s play, we are learning, is not just fun and games. Whether it’s a young child propelling her swing to new heights, or a trio of 10-year-olds negotiating dramatic roles atop a playground tower, children’s play behavior appears to be essential preparation for a successful adult life. We partnered with the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development to understand how behavior on school and community playgrounds contributes to whole-child development. This meta-study aggregates and analyzes key findings from some of the most influential studies on children and play.

The Importance of Outdoor Play & Physical Activity During School Hours

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Both outdoor physical activity and indoor classroom time are important for kids’ growth and development. School provides students with the education they need to have a successful career, and physical activity gives them a chance to stay healthy. Unfortunately, not all kids get their daily 60 minutes outside. School is a place where kids can supplement the lack of physical activity they get at home, and help kids become smarter, healthier and stronger.