Freestanding Play

Pack more play and challenge into your playground!

From ZipKrooz®, our zip line for playgrounds, to playground slides, swings, climbers and more, freestanding play events add fun and excitement to new and existing playground designs. 

Freestanding play elements, like GlobalMotion®, can be arranged around a play structure or combined solo to create a unique play environment. They can also work well for small spaces and/or small budgets.

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Freestanding climbers increase the challenge level for any play area and encourage children to test their strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination.


Add stand-alone structures that kids love to your play area that are packed with play value and preconfigured fun!

Global Motion®

Freestanding Motion equipment adds special spinning, gliding, rocking, bouncing motions that kids love! Add to any outdoor playground design for kids ages 2 to 12.

Musical Instruments

The joy of making music can be enjoyed at any age. Landscape Structures Inc. created Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments for for kids ages 2 to 5 and kids ages 5+ that are fully wheelchair accessible.


Playground spinners allow kids to spin the day away as their body weight shifts. Spinners provide a fun way for kids to develop better depth perception, balance and cause-and-effect.


High-flying fun! Swings add fun motion to the playground with every kick of the leg. A classic way to keep kids moving. Models sized right for kids ages 2 to 12. Choose any swing frame and add our swing seats and chains.

Slides & Gliders

We offer a variety of slides, from simple and straight to triple, side-by-side and twisty, all age appropraite! Kids get all the challenge they want and need, with the safety features you demand. 


Seesaws, a must have for every playground! Our Seesaws provide opportunities for collaborative play as kids keep active! Single to multi-seat seesaws available.

Spring Riders

Rock any playground with spring riders! Spring Riders, available with coil springs, add sproingy fun to any playground. Tons of rocker styles available including fire engines, airplanes, horses and dinosaurs.

Track Ride/Zip Lines

I can fly! Track Rides have been a favorite on any playground for many years. Now, we are excited to bring ziplines to the playground with ZipKrooz® and ZipKrooz Assisted for children of all abilities.


No playground is complete without motion. Motion provides great sensory benefits for children of all ages. Choose from gliders, cyclers, bouncers and more!

Sensory Play

Children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders find challenges with socialization, communication, play and imagination. Sensory play provide a "just-right" experience for all those seeking sensory stimulation. 


Kids love a place to perch and take a break after running around the playground.  We offer several seating options that coordinate well with our playground equipment.