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Playground Equipment"To us, there’s no question about why we’re committed to creating the best playground equipment in the world. Because play shapes kids into better adults. Through play, kids learn about themselves. They learn how to interact with others. They develop physically and emotionally, and establish behaviors that they will carry throughout their lives. Play is one of the most organic ways kids learn, and we have the opportunity to be part of that."   – Landscape Structures

Whirlix Design Inc.  will work with you to provide the very best in commercial playground equipment solutions that are custom designed to suit your specific needs. We will provide a fun, safe play system that includes a variety of unique and challenging play experiences for visitors of all ages and physical capabilities.

Our play solutions will consider your site, the environment, your budget and needs of your visitors. Our manufacturer, Landscape Structures has brought creativity, innovation and intelligence to playground design since 1971. Whether you are looking for a new play system, an addition to an existing playground or single climber we have solution for you.

Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

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