Play Structures by Age

We offer playground equipment for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, and school-age kids that promotes active lifestyles and healthy communities! View our play structures by age group:

Ages 6-23 Months

Children ages 6-23 months are gaining strength, stability and motor skills, along with a host of other physical and cognitive skills.

Age 6-23 Months
Age 2-5 Years

Ages 2-5 Years

At ages 2-5, children are developing physical play and are thinking more creatively. We have playgrounds that offer age-appropriate play to test their motor skills, strength, agility and more.

Ages 5-12 Years

Kids ages 5-12 need physical and mental challenges while they play. Our playgrounds help them develop balance, coordination, muscle endurance, problem-solving skills, social skills and more.

Age 5-12 Years
Ages 13+

Ages 13+ Years

From challenging net climbers to outdoor fitness products, we offer activities that meet the needs of this hard-to-please age group to keep them engaged and challenged.