New Products!

Since 1971, Landscape Structures has created new innovative playground products. Their new playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. See the newest products for 2020 below. But first take a look at the 2020 PLAY Book in action:

Say YES to the new shape of play

Hedra™ provides a world where the next move is always the right one. A world where kids can safely navigate via their own intuition and curiosity. Where experiences and activities can’t be counted, only created. Hedra offers the permission kids need to invent and reinvent routes, games, imaginary environments, and personal bests. It is one world with endless outcomes. A world where the answer is always YES. Click here for a digital brochure.

Hedra™ Scout - For Ages 2 to 5

Introduce young players to the many benefits of dynamic play. Developmentally appropriate activities populate this geometric circuit of continuous exploration.

The Super Netplex® offers height, accessibility and visibility with lots of climbing, spinning, bouncy fun and plenty of places to hang out, any one of the following four preconfigured Super Netplex® designs will be a fantastic addition to the playground.


Introduce the rewards of an exciting fitness challenge to your community park, school or neighborhood gathering area. An innovative obstacle course
invites friendly competition and personal development as participants race to complete each mission. Landscape Structures welcomes fitness warriors of all ages. We’ll help you create a course for teens and adults, or one sized just right for kids ages 5 to 12. Design your own by grouping your favorite challenges or consider one of our predesigned courses. Each challenge comes with a helpful sign that clearly sets the goal.

SkyWays® Single Post Hypar Shade

SkyWays® Single Post Hypar shade structures require minimal space while the unique shape of the Hypar sail maximizes shade from the sun. Available in a wide variety of sizes and is available with Rapid Release®.

SkyWays® Single Post Hypar Shade