New Products!

Since 1971, Landscape Structures has created innovative playground products that encourage children of all abilities to play together outdoors. Here are some of their newest products:

The Alpha™ Link Towers literally tower over the playground!  Height is a dynamic and exciting way to experience a playground, and these architectural elements are full of creative and exploratory play.  Available separately or connected by an elevated crawl tunnel to bridge them together.

The Friendship™ Swing is a family event, and is the perfect culmination in the study of how people want to interact with one another on the playground.  All generations, babies to grandparents, will love this opportunity to swing together.

We welcome the next generation of the SmartPlay line!  What is a Fire Station without a house for Fido, or a Market Cafe without a place to share a meal?  Words, vivid imagery,and interactive play are overflowing in these structures that can be connected into a Toddler village!  Color choices are endless, as are play opportunities and learning prompts. Introducing SmartPlay Centre™!

Fitcore™ Extreme is being used in military bases, fitness centers, and parks for extreme fitness enthusiasts.  These designs will be imitated, but never matched for durability, innovation, and hard-core workouts.  Multiple options are available for ages 5 to 12, or 13+.  Fitcore suits varied fitness and skill levels, and will be hard to outgrow!

Leave the comical and clumsy shade-changing routine to the other guys. 
Experience the elegance and efficiency of easily removing or replacing shade fabric. 
Rapid Release™ technology just changed playground maintenance, and will help keep your shades fresh year after year. 

Facet™ Forms are concrete modular shapes inspired by the geometry of geodes, minerals, and other  wondrous, natural elements.  They compliment the Alpha Towers and can be used to connect play areas for a place to rest, or climbing and balancing.  The line includes integrated C-shaped and S-shaped benches, tunnels, and freestanding elements.  For a truly Facet-enating experience, integrate Facet Forms into your playground!

The new age of DigiRiders™ is exhilarating, colorful, and completely fun.  Bear, Butterfly, Chicken (who knew?), Dinosaur, Fire Engine (2-seat), Horse, Police Car, Rocket Ship, and Tractor offer colorful, low maintenance, pinch-point-free, tough-riding fun for years!

The Sensory Tunnel is a great way to add tactile, visually dynamic, and sensory fun to your playground. Integrate a sheltering, safe cove of wonder into your playground to include children of all abilities.