Materials, Appearance & Engineering Matter!

Crab Trap

From Landscape Structures’ exclusive compression clamps that keep fingers and clothing safe to the tunnel slide design that eliminates pinched fingers; their focus is on safety and durability. They use only the best materials they can find, because they build their products to last. Materials, Appearance, and Engineering Matter!

  • Landscape Structures uses 3/4″ Permalene®, because they know it’s rugged, won’t chip or peel, and the finish holds up in all kinds of weather.
  • Plain old S-hooks are not good enough. They use top-of-the-line Clevis bolts or Swivel Point Connectors instead. They are more durable and reliable.
  • Steel reinforced cable wrapped in polyester is used instead of traditional ropes that can rub skin the wrong way. This space-age material is easy on little hands, UV-stable and won’t fray.
  • Their aluminum die-cast half-clamp design features 360 degrees of compression for a more secure fit to posts. Aluminum rivet adds shear strength for deck-supporting clamps.
  • Tender hands are protected from the temperature extremes of bare metal with their proprietary TenderTuff®Surface Coating. You’ll find it on most every thing children may touch. It also provides a softer-grippier surface.
  • They use only high-quality, architectural-grade, Super-Durable TGIC polyester powdercoat paints. These specially formulated, corrosion resistant coating, plus their five-step wash-and-paint process and epoxy primer layer, ensure optimum UV stability and gloss retention and a rugged, long-lasting finish.
  • Their innovative and versatile ball-and-socket clamping system is used for Evos® play systems and other products. Over 6,500 pounds of clamping strength.
  • They use 5” Aluminum posts and stainless steel fasteners that will never rust and will not need to be replaced like steel. They also use aluminum post caps not plastic.
  • Their decks are flange-formed from 12-gauge steel, with safe, rounded corners. Flush-mounted to the outside of posts for more play space; less chance for toes or hands to get caught and they are TenderTuff® coated.